Aquaman ADN - Ladies

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The ADN is used by athletes whom enjoy the pleasure of swimming in an Aquaman suit but at a reasonable price. This very flexible and supple wetsuit is well liked by athletes because it improves performance at a very reasonable price. The ADN is constructed of Yamamoto neoprene #39 throughout the arms, neck and upper body to provide great flexibility where it is most needed. The leg, rear and back is made of smooth skin neoprene. The ADN suit now uses Yamamoto Compressed Dome (aerated neoprene) on the side panels to assist with buoyancy. The suit is made with 17 panels to give a snug cut.  

The ADN features a number of technical innovations created by Aquaman. The suit features a very flexible, reverse zipper (opens from bottom to top) which is sewn and glued into the suit in such a way that it moulds to your back and neck. The flexible zipper makes the suit extremely comfortable; prevents the zipper from opening when swimming and makes it quick and easy to undo. The collar, made of high quality Yamamoto neoprene (GIGA #40) has a new “Revolving Collar” which positions the front of the collar forward by 20 degrees and is 2cm lower allowing for more comfort and reducing the entry of water through the collar area.  It features the Flash System on the back of the neck to prevent chafing and aides in the opening of the zipper. The forearms of the suit feature "Arm Propellers", embedded grooves that grip the water during the pull phase of the stroke and allow for better propulsion.  The neoprene is treated with a product (SCS) to repel water and reduce drag in the water. 

Thickness: 4.5mm/3mm/2mm/1.5mm

Fabrication: Glue/ Thermoglue/ Stitching

Women's sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (Women’s Specific Cut)

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